Winter Specification in Tea room

It is getting more rainy during these days,but when it turn into a sunshine day,it is still a lovely day .

It is getting colder when it rains,and the leaves will fall with the rain,this means the first snow is coming soon.


You definitely will have a good time during the sunny day .

It would be a really nice thing to do if you go to the park and have a cup of tea.


In November,because we have winter specification in Tea room,we will open the furnace.

And we will change the setting of the tea room.

We will change the wind furnace when we use during the summer time into the winter furnace.It is our forth times change since we open this tea room.

From now till April in 2019,we will keep using the furnace in tea room.


As tea room teachers, November is a special month for us.

When the new tea come out ,we will put the new tea into the tea pot,  and store them 6 months.And in November we will take out the stored tea ,and use the stone mill to make it into power tea,which we will use it during the tea ceremony.

It is a new beginning of the year for the tea room teacher.And it become very famous since the tea ceremony have been held.


We can not prepare all the equipment in our small tea room, and we can not show you all of them,but we will try our best to show you the tea ceremony world with their season change.Keep working hard everyday .

※ I took the photo during changing the clothes, it should not be like this in our tea room…