We are open well!

Just now, Hokkaido is still in a state where many places was continuing to be damaged by the big earthquake disaster.
Sapporo has also announced the seismic intensity is 5. All areas of Hokkaido were in blackout and some areas of Sapporo were in water cut.
There are still areas where electricity and water supply are not restored now.

It is my first experience since I grew up in Sapporo. Signal, street lights, buildings’ electricity in this city disappeared, I stayed overnight without electricity last night, and there was an aftershock every hour at midnight.
I felt terror and scare in the earthquake for the first time.

But, not everything bad.
Since electricity in Sapporo was not on, the starry sky is so beautiful last night.

And as the sun rises and it gets brighter, the mood is also being better.
Because traffic still doesn’t work completely, I came to the tea room by car on the road without signal.
Signal is not on, and city, is a little extraordinary.

Some time ago, electricity was restored in the tea room, and normal work is getting on.

So, our tea room is open well now.
My friend, if you are on your trip, but suffered, why not relax just for a moment, coming here to have a nice green tea?