Wait a little longer until the Snow Festival!


The New Year has passed, it is already in mid-January, and time passes quickly.

In Odori Park, the snow statues set for the snow festival is already in preparation.

Although Sapporo has less snow, it is still sufficient for this season as a basic snow source before heavy snowfall.


Winter is the season of sightseeing.

Hokkaido in winter is very fun. Enjoy the snow scene, visit the snow removal work in the city, go skiing and snowboarding, and ice skating are also fun.


I am the kind of person who is almost stay indoors, waiting for everyone almost stays room in the city.

And when I have spare time I will make some hair ornaments.

It will makes you look more beautiful! I would be more happy if this sentence can bring you a smile.


For the upcoming period, reservations will be concentrated on weekends and Mondays.

Please apply for an appointment early.


Waiting for everyone’s visit.