Vivid Hokkaido!

It’s time that leaves start to turn red in Sapporo, but some people said that they have seen snow caterpillars already. And people always say that it is very likely to be the first snow of this year within a week after seeing snow caterpillars.


The great event of Odori Park is over, and the work of protection for plants in winter has begun. That moment I can’t help thinking like “Ah, it’s fall now.”


The protection work is to use bamboo, straw, and ropes to cover those trees which are vulnerable to coldness and easy to be frozen. There are many ways to do it, and it’s also a kind of Japanese thinking.

However, it is not just only simple coverage, but also such a beautiful landscape in winter if it got a proper arrangement.

The protection work done by gardeners is splendid.


Well, October is also the time to change into the kimono again.

In July and August, we usually wear a thin kimono called “ro”, but in the tea room, I always put on yukata (Yukata is the best because it can be washed easily after you sweat in summer)

In September is hot so no yukata, I wear “hitoe” which is without lining. However, once in October we won’t wear it anymore so there is little chance to put on hitoe.

From October we will wear ordinary kimonos “awase”which has lining.

When I put on ro again after a long time, when it tightly wrapped around my body I can tell it’s long and heavy, and that is the ro.

We will open and use the stove again next month, time flows quickly.


Hokkaido is now preparing for the winter and the visitors from all over the world.

Please come and enjoy sightseeing here with no worries.

In our tea room, it is always available to host in English and Chinese.

Please come and try our tea ceremony, feel free to enjoy the art of Japanese culture.