Thought of Snow

Large snowflakes were falling in Sapporo.The city is covered by white snow.

The staff of Ren comes from China.

I’m a native of Sapporo.

For me, snow is an inevitable thing of seasonal change. When winter comes,you can see snow for more than half a year.So, snow is not surprising to me.

However, the staff Koshino is looking forward to the snow.

‘Teacher! It’s snowing!’

She cheered and told me. From the sound, I can know how she like the snow.

‘Oh, because today is cold , so it’s snowing.’

Ah,this season is coming~ I feel only this. Not particularly excited.


It’s true that after the snow falls this morning, the silver world shining with sunlight is beautiful. New snow falls on the branch is beautiful,too . But the reality is that……..

Yes, it’s shoveling snow. That is physical labor.

Finally shovel the snow clean! Just think everything will be fine, the snow piled up again…… And then repeat.

How long will Koshino like the snow?