The tea room has new changes

Now it’s November, there’s only one month left in this year.

The tea room will be rearranged in November, which is use a square open hearth instead of a tea tripod.

Our tea room Ren also opened the lid of the tatami, placed in a pot of hot water.It’s winter already.

In the tea ceremony, there are different activities every month. In November it is called “new tea ceremony”. Picking down the new tea in this year into the teapot to keep, and officially unseal in this day, welcome guests in the tea  room, open the teapot, take out the tea, until tea serving, takes totally about three hours.

In many tea activities, “new tea ceremony” especially memorable as it is the first day of tasting new tea this year.

Although the Ren has not held the celebration, we are ready for offering delicious tea for you at any time.