The sightseeing season of Hokkaido

The lilacs in Sapporo are blooming, Odori Park is filled with sweet scent of flowers.

There are chilling days with lilacs blooming, and the verdancy leap to the eyes vividly.

When the outside is so attractive and comfortable, people prefer to go out and a few looking for the indoor service like the tea ceremony. So our tea room becomes quiet Lately.

In such a case, we started to make adorable hair accessories that everyone love.

Little handmade stuff are increasing gradually.


It is hard to prepare all the materials, but when you cut the fabric into same size, and organize it neatly, it will become gorgeous like a palette and it will be lovely.

After that you can make your own handmade flowers, it’s really interesting.

When it become quiet here we make flowers in the tea room.

Please come to the tea room and take a look of our handmade hair accessories.