The maple leave season is coming soon…

Thinking it will be getting cold very soon,but the temperature in Sapporo is very steady and warm.

When it has a nice weather ,going outside for a walk will be a good idea.

There has an old river which is close to the odori park and tea room, there are so many maple leaves on the trees,it is getting more beautiful under the sunshine.

If you sit in the park where have many maple leaves ,and then have a cup of tea,you will have a better mood during the day.

When all the leaves fallen down,the street will turn into white color during the winter.


Because of the earthquake,tea room is getting quieter.I feel pity for it ,but during these days,I start to do my handcrafts.

The tricks of making hair clasp is very complicated and elaborate,but finally it will become a very beautiful autumn chrysanthemums hair clasp.

It would be very nice if we have many different colors,because of the winter and autumn season,the box of making hair clasps are getting more colorful.

And then we can do lots of different kind of flowers.

When you visit Sapporo ,why don’t you wear the kimono,tie up your hair and put on your hair clasp and then join the tea ceremony?

You will get awesome photos and have a good memories!