The lecture class in Tea Ceremony Ren

The Great Cold(Jan.20th) has come,and the weather is getting colder and colder.People are making snow sculptures for the snow festival in Odori Park now.

About five minutes from Odori Park,you will find Tea Ceremony Ren which nearby the NIJO market,welcoming the guests from all over the world at any time.


But the tea room is not filled with guests’ laughter every day.

In spare time,we will hold a lecture class irregularly once a month.

You can learn the method of making tea sitting on the chair in the lecture class, which is different from Sencha tea ceremony.


I have ever managed a cafe before,the way to make green tea would be considered unorthodox.But if you want to make delicious tea,I will teach you all what I know.


I hope that more and more people could taste delicious Japanese tea or Macha.

It is not just pull away the oil then drink the tea,but spend time and energy to make real tea seriously step by step.

Welcome to Tea Ceremony Ren at any time.