Tea harvesting season is almost here!

In the second half of April, with the snow in front of my house finally gone, flowers have started to bloom on the magnolia tree along the Sosei River near the tea house. The Sapporo cherry blossoms are just about ready to bloom.

88 nights after setsubun (the 3rd of February), the upcoming 3rd of May marks the beginning of the new tea season. At this time tea leaves are picked and made into delicious fresh tea that is then brought to us.

Tea harvested before the 3rd of February is called “hashiri shincha”, or ‘early (young) tea leaves’, and tea which is harvested even earlier is called “dai hashiri”, or ‘the very first harvest’, which is made from very young tea leaves, and known for its excellent quality, taste, and associated price tag.

And this year, we’ve managed to get a hold of “dai hashiri” tea! It’s delicious and has a great umami flavour. So this year’s matcha should also be of excellent quality!

Please come and join us in enjoying this delicious tea as you experience the tea ceremony!