Summer has come

The Flower Festa is also over, and the next event in Odori Park, the preparation phase of beer garden is also coming to an end.

Hokkaido’s summer has finally arrived.

The plum rain also followed. . .

In Hokkaido, the Meiyu season is not often, we call it “Ezo Plum Rain”.

Ezo is the old name of Hokkaido.


Summer has finally come, and even in our tea room, you can also enjoy the taste of summer.

The tea bowls have changed into summer ones.

It is shallower and wider than an ordinary one, so we all call it a flat tea bowl.

Compared with ordinary tea bowl, the color of the tea in summer tea bowl can be seen more vividly, when the ice cubes floating in it, it looks so refreshed.


With the rising temperature, it is a nice choice to enjoy the icy summer tea.

Why not come and have a try.