Summer Festival

The Summer Festival has begun. Whatever you say, Sapporo is in summer from now!


However, until yesterday the temperature was around 12℃(today is around 15℃)


It’s a bit chilly, that makes people confused, is it back to early spring, or passing through the summer or became autumn already?

So, our staff 鈺華 said “It is cold!” and now wearing a winter coat.


And during the festival, students in Sapporo’s middle schools and high schools are going to change into summer uniforms.

We keep talking about something meaningless like is it hot or not.

I still remember a bit when it was in my student days, the temperature has fallen when we switched to summer uniforms, I was cold and trembling.


Well people love the nibushiki kimono in tea room which were used already one and a half year, so it’s time to add some new ones.

If you need to attend some occasions like a graduation ceremony and you can get used kimonos in an affordable price from tea room.

Come and join the tea ceremony with a new kimono.

We hope we can see you in the tea room soon.