Spring in Tea Ceremony Ren

The Snow Festival is finished. In accordance with the lunar calendar,the season is spring now.But it is still winter at the end of February in Hokkaido.

In the world of tea ceremony, it is very important to feel the change of season.

The season of cherry blossoms will soon be in the Honshu.

Our tea room also added spring color early.


The calligraphy hang on the niche hasn’t been changed since last year February, but we finally found a substitute.


When it comes to spring, you can think of cherry blossoms.

So we hung up a oblong card with a poem and a painting of cherry blossoms.

Tea ceremony is a world of traditional Japanese culture.

The tea bowl,Natsume and other tea sets are all handmade.Craftsman also draw a painting and add decoration on them.

In addition to the flowers and landscapes of all seasons, there are classical patterns, each of the meaning is different.

There are cherry blossoms and poem on the oblong card.

What do you think when you see it?

When I saw the cherry blossoms,I could imagine the cherry trees along the side of the river and road,and the heart became warm.


It’s still snowing in Sapporo.Why not come to the small tea room to feel the breath of spring.