Spring in Hokkaido

It’s in the middle of March.

The sakura in Honshu have begun to bloom.

And the snow in Hokkaido is still melting.

But I don’t like the melting snow.

Because there is no place to walk on the road.

Water is everywhere,and the snow become to ice,the ground is like a rough and smooth skating rink.

When I think all of the snow is going to melt,it fall down again.

The weather in March was so variable that people often wonder that whether the snow will disappear or not.

It seems that the snowy day is going to continue.


The intern is no longer excited to see the snow.


Recently,the guests come to experience the tea ceremony often said: “I have fallen for several times”.

Please prepare for waterproof and non-skid shoes when you travel to Hokkaido.


In fact, even me who grow up in Hokkaido often fall on the ground at this time, it is really embarrassed……