It’s already March.

Sapporo has less snow this year and the temperature has risen since the latter of February, so the snow on the road is melting. I feel thankful that I can walk easily on the road now.


The Hina Matsuri(festival) is in March.

And the new intern finally came to our  Tea Ceremony REN.

Mizuki who came here since last autumn will graduate in late March of this year.

And from March, the new intern Touka will work here for half a year. Thanks for your cooperation.


This small tea room is helped by many people and we are also trying our best to meet with you.

The spring always comes late in Hokkaido, but this year if you feel it with your heart, it seems that it is coming.

When you visit Hokkaido, please come and join us in our small tea room in Sapporo.