Season with troubles of dressing

The Lilac Flower Festival began from Odori Park’s lilac blooming, the scent of flowers permeated Sapporo.


Although the temperature rose to around 20 degrees and felt like the early summer before, once the cloud and the rain came, the temperature dropped back to 10 degrees and became chill.


At this time even the daily suits need to be chose considered.


The kimono is also the same.


When summer is coming and temperature is gradually increasing, the material and manufacturing methods of the kimono are also changing.


We wear a kimono which called Hitoe with no inner lining cloth in such a season, however in Hokkaido we got cold days.


Therefore, regular kimonos with inner linings are often worn again.


When I walked toward to the tearoom every morning, I wondered if the weather is hot or cold,and choose the kimono of the day.


After that, when July comes, the Yukata will be put on.