Season of red leaves

Hokkaido heads for winter now, the temperature drops every time with rain.

Now I am waiting for the best season to see and enjoy the view of red leaves.

Trees in Odori Park are also in colors, you can feel that now is in autumn. When there is a sunny lovely day, colorful leaves are gorgeous under the sunlight.


Well, in the tea room it’s time for staff replacement.

New staff who just came in October is Crystal.

I look forward to working with you in the next six months.

And Elva, who will graduate from her internship on the 21st of this month, I appreciate your hard work for half a year.

Thank you so much.

Employees are changing and so do the clothing in the tea room of November.

The stove will be opened again and we will do the winter tea ceremony.


New staff Crystal and me, we are waiting for your coming.

Now is the season of all kinds of delicious food in Hokkaido. Please enjoy yourself.