Sapporo has not had such a big snow for a long time, and the snow statue of snow festival is also beginning to be made by the citizens in Odori park.


Tea Ceremony Ren was just opened at this time last year, we were busying to prepare for it.


After the opening, there were some leisure days.But in the second year, we received a lot of booking, everyday was busy.


Of course, it’s also because winter is a high season in Hokkaido.


We receive temporary appointment from opening to now.But it is difficult to give a reply to the guests who come here suddenly or have a temporary reservation as soon as possible from January to February this year.


In order to have a nice experience,it is better for you to make an appointment in advance.


An appointment mail can be received 24 hours a day. After confirmation, we will give you a reply at work time.I hope you can make an appointment at least two days in advance.


Because of the snow festival,the number of tourists has increased greatly.In order to let more guests experience the tea ceremony,I request again that please make an appointment two days in advance.