Real summer of Hokkaido

It was cool in the early July and time flies in the blink of an eye, beer garden has begun and so does the summer in Hokkaido.

Since the temperature at noon during the day can rise to nearly 30℃, I can feel the summer fatigue.


Since the off day of tea room is Tue / Wednesday, it is really nice to enjoy a delicious beer served at the beer garden under a blue blue sky at Odori Park, when everyone is working on weekday.


How about come to our tea room and enjoy a cup of iced macha during a hot summer like this?

As I mentioned before, in order to feel more refreshing, we call the glass-made tea tools the giyaman**, and giyaman is the tea ceremony language.


So come again and take some new photos will be cool actually, the transparent tea bowl painted with ripple and maple leaves, with the green macha and ice cube inside, it looks refreshing and it tastes amazing from warm to cold, you can kill two birds with one stone. In our tea room you can enjoy a cool summer.


It is getting hot in Sapporo. So why not enjoy a cup of iced macha to get rid of fatigue, then stimulate the curiosity for experiencing the world of tea ceremony!