Although it is over half a month, I wish you a happy new year.


Since February 1st, the winter of Hokkaido will have an annual snow festival,the SAPPORO SNOW FESTIVAL.

Now, many trucks are transporting clean snow to the Odori park from other places.

There will be many huge snow statues after half a month.


Unlike the cold weather outside, the small tea room nearby the NIJO market is always warm.


Today, let me introduce the small things in the tea room.

It’s toothpick’s paper cover.

Usually it is made of cloth, but in the tea room, we will fold paper into paper cover (also for chopsticks), and give them to visitors as gifts.

So, when we have plenty of time, we will fold up many of the paper covers.

Although Origami can be seen everywhere in the world, Japan has given its special meaning. It can be said to be an interesting Japanese culture.

The ancient Origami is made of paper and usually used as an appendage or packing for the gift of a God. There are many opinions about Origami, for example, the pronunciation of “God” and “paper” in Japanese is the same, so the origami is regarded as a mascot.

Chopsticks cover also has a long history, it is said that it is appeared in Heian period (794 years),women packed the chopsticks with kimono’s cloth when they go out.

In the Edo period (1603),people in red-light district usually write visitor’s name on paper, then wrap the chopsticks.

The shape and design of the modern chopsticks’ cover are varied.

The Origami is made by paper of Japanese style in Ren.

Thinking of the smiling face of the guests,fold up the Origami with heart.