Nijo market – Neighbor of tea house Ren

Now it’s December. Year 2017 almost over.

Odori park is decorated with lights, you can feel the Christmas atmosphere on the streets.


The same scenery has a different feeling after snow.

Well, from the guests who have recently come to the tea room, it is often mentioned that “I can’t find where tea room Ren is.”


As a manager of tea room, the store’s address is very easy to find, you can directly enter from Nijo market.

But from the map, it’s hard to tell whether it’s from the main road or branch road. And the street in front of the shop is a one-way street, you can only enter from the north side. It’s clear for us as we live near here, but not easy for the guests who came for the first time.


Let me explain the location of tea room briefly, that is, in to the middle of the road opposite toward Nijo market (East), you can see a green sign. And the two-floor building next to the signboard is the our tea room Ren.


When you pass through the Nijo market, please look at the north side of the road, the tea room Ren is there.