New Year’s decorations of “Shimekazari”

In Japanese nursery rhymes, there are songs about the first month. The lyrics are “after ~ a few days ~ to the ~ first month~”. At the end of the year, the melody always constantly emerging in my mind .

In addition, after Christmas, the lighting exhibition of the Odori park also ended. Next to start preparing for the snow festival.


It is essential for the end of the year to hang on new year’s decorations.

Tea Ceremony Ren also adorned the “Shimekazari” on the door.

As the decoration of Christmas means eliminate disaster,it has another meaning.

Hanging  a “Shimekazari” at home or shop is a sign that this is the place where the God can come.

Furthermore,The “Shimekazari” is a twisted straw rope with fern leaves, an orange and other items of good omen.

The moral is the household exuberant and the prosperity of business, praying for a new year to keep good things.


I hope that God will be able to visit here when he see the “Shimekazari” on the door, and bring the prosperous scene for us!

I also wish you all have a good year.

Looking forward to seeing you next year!