New Year is coming.

It supposes to snow for a bit at the beginning of the winter, but the truth is the temperature suddenly turning down, the cold day is continuing in Sapporo

But, it still has lots of fun during the winter season.

It would be great to play winter sports, and you can enjoy the snowscape. Do you have fun in Sapporo when you follow your own pace?


So after you enjoyed the view at the cold outside, would you like to have a cup of matcha tea in the warm tea room?

Our Tea Ceremony Ren will open until 31st this year, and we will open from 3rd in January next year.

We close on Tuesday and Wednesday every week.


In Tea Ceremony world, we do the special ceremony at the beginning of the year.

At the very beginning of the New Year, we will use the stove which we called it hatsugama.

In order to make a wish to the new year, we will use a special chawan(teacup)which has a pair of golden and silvery bronze mascot inside of the teacup, we will drink the tea together, to celebrate the new year.

There are still have a lot of details, I will explain next time.

After finish all of these things, it will remind me again the New Year is truly coming.

Tea Ceremony will change the way of making tea according to season change, we will check the tea equipment during the season change, we will take them, and we would feel more about the season change.

So during the winter in Sapporo, enjoy the snowscape, why not join our Tea Ceremony Ren to experience the Japanese culture happily?