New Year, 2019

Happy New Year, everyone.

Thank you for coming to our tea room this year.


Right now is January

The reigning title of Japan, Heisei was finished, a new reign title will be given this year.


Looking back at Heisei, there are many natural disasters, a lot of precious lives are lost, and many people have suffered a disaster, and they are still living an inconvenience life. But there were still have good things.


It is something I want to keep in mind that it was a peaceful era without war.

I want the next era to be an era without war, no victims as well.


Well, thank you for coming tea room at the end of the year, we were busy.

So what I wanted to do at the end of the year was delayed, and we start to do it at the beginning of this year.


One thing I wanted to do, is washing.

No matter how much you are wearing it from over the clothes, as many people use it, so I washed them all. And sometimes I can not do it.

Because I have plenty of time at the beginning of this January, I will finish it at once at this opportunity!

I want to make Kimono very tidy and beautiful, so I iron it beautifully and welcome you to wear them with a fresh new feeling.

Honestly, ironing of kimono is hard, because wrinkle grows, it feels good to sniff the remnant of detergent.


We have more beautiful kimono than usual.

The reservation of January is still available.

By all means, everyone who is traveling in Sapporo. Enjoy Japanese culture and experience the tea ceremony and celebrate the New Year together!