My sideline

Typhoons and heavy rains caused serious damage in Japan.

Hokkaido also seems to be affected. The flooding of the rivers is terrible.


Speaking of Hokkaido, now it is the season of lavender.

Furano and Biei are famous for lavender, but you can also enjoy it in Sapporo.


In the direction of the Maruyama, there is a beautiful lavender garden Yumekoubousatou, and the Yurigahara Park in the North District, the takinopark Park in the South District. As well as the Sapporominamizawa Shrine, one of the first plantations of lavender in Hokkaido.

Wonderful places everywhere.

Then let me introduce the “blossoming flowers” of the tea room.

The hair accessories handmade program has started this year and now some new ones come.

Although there were only Sakura and plum blossoms at the first beginning, but now here you can feel the sense of seasons with bellflower, clematis and hydrangea.

Once there is some available time, I can tirelessly making a variety of parts of the accessories.

As expected, the last step of stitching the parts into a hair accessory is the most interesting.

I will continue the handmade things later. Then how about wearing in kimono, put on the lovely ornaments, , join the tea experience with nice mood here.

We would like to see you.