My good mood

A few days ago, in order to buy some new tea-bowls, I went to a tea shop. “If the tea-bowl is not enough, can you use this first? I can lend you before the tea-bowls that you bought are delivered to your place.”  said the owner of the shop and brought one to me a shino burning tea-bowl.

The general shino burning tea-bowl is made of red clay, plus white glaze embellishment made of burning.  This bowl, however, although it is also made of red clay, it shows rust with the gray glaze. This is Katou Shun’s pottery, called “rat-shino.”

It’s too rare that even if it’s borrowed, the tea bowl is too expensive. Its value is almost five times the sum of the prices of all the tea-blows I bought today.

“Really?” saying this and i couldn’t help reaching the bowl.

People feel happy easily when they see something precious, hearing lovely music or eating good food. Like now, even

just a tea bowl can bring me a good mood.

The size of this bowl is slightly large for the light tea (those supplied to the guests as a general rule in our tearoom) and it may look better with strong tea (espresso version of Japanese tea, In sticky liquid form). With this thought, i tried to make some strong tea which i haven’t made for a long time.

“Really good ~” I lamented alone.


Of course, the guests like this tea-bowl as well!