Modern machines in tea room

Winter has been to sapporo, the rain began to become snow.


Our tea room Ren also opens the heating, waiting for guests to come here anytime.

But Ren also had something that made us feel uncomfortable. That’s the “phone”.


I didn’t think the phone would be used too much. As long as it can be connected. So we put it in the water house (the preparation room), and the guests could not see it from outside.

But I didn’t think anybody was actually calling.

During that time, I was always in a hurry to answer the phone.

Booking information is recorded in the computer.There is no way to confirm the information while calling. It was really inconvenient.

Recently, the number of reservation calls has increased.

So this time we bought a fax phone!

You can answer the phone while you’re doing business. It’s really convenient!

You can also adjust the ringtone, set the message phone! The microphone is also wireless and can act freely!

It’s a matter of course to configure such machines, but I’m really happy about that.


We are sincerely waiting for your call.