matcha activity

September 2nd and 3rd,we jumped out of our small tea house and participated in a big event in Access Sapporo.

Because it is an Auto Show,many kinds of cars were being exhibited in the venue.There were also many booths near the wall.There was a booth,which the chairs were covered with blankets,a dedicated red umbrella for open-air tea ceremony.

My job was to provide matcha for customers free of charge.Twice a day,20 customers limited in a time.

“No tea ceremony?”I was asked.However,it was impossible to make tea for 20 customers at a time.

Instead,we distributed tickets to customers in advance.When the activity began,the customers came to the booth and waited for my tea. Although it was called”Treat customers with tea”,as soon as the activity stated,everyone had gathered together. So in fact,I made tea for 20 customers within 15-20minutes.

I was making tea continuously,acting like a robot and totally forgetting the elegance I used to behave.

There was a customer who had 3 bowls of tea in two days,which was grateful.

I made tea in a cozy pantry but due to the large amount of tea,the pantry was filled with the aroma of tea,which was the happiest time to me.

“The tasted of good tea.”a staff said,while enjoying the fragrance of tea.

In the future,we will cater the needs of customers,offering on-site tea ceremony.