March 3rd——The Doll’s Festival

Spring is still far away from Sapporo.

Even so, the tea room is filled with the breath of spring.

Following the calligraphy, today I will introduce a new member to you.

It is a tea bowl.


In tea ceremony,which is the Japanese traditional culture, the change of season is perceived in advance.

In March, you can think of one of the five festivals (Jan 7th, March 3rd, May 5th, July 7th and Sep 9th),the Doll’s Festival,which is on March 3rd.

And if you say the flowers in March, we can think of the cherry blossom, magnolia, violet, myosotis sylvatica, peach blossom, forsythia suspensa and so on.

The tea room will be decorated with these flowers.


The painting of the bowl is based on the Doll’s Festival.

It is a cute bowl with Emperor drawn outside and three court ladies drawn inside.


In the formal case, 7 levels shelves will be prepared, and each level is decorated with dolls.

It expresses the tools used for the marriage ceremony of the Emperor in the Heian period, it is very gorgeous.


Although there is no way to decorate dolls in this small tea room,we can feel the festival’s atmosphere through the tea bowl.

Don’t miss the chance to use this lovely bowl.