Macha in tea ceremony

All of the snow were melted few days ago,so it was convenient to walk.But it began to snow again.

Recently, guests often asked me:‘During the tea ceremony,which kind of tea can be used in addition to macha?’

There are also some guests asked:‘Do you drink sencha in the tea ceremony?’


The answer is that we only use macha in the tea ceremony.

There is a different way of tea ceremony in Japan called‘sencha tea ceremony’, which use hot water soaking the tea leaves.

Although sencha is more common in the modern society, macha has a longer history.

The tea ceremony officially established in the Muromachi period (thirteenth Century).About 800 years ago, people began to do the tea ceremony.

About 300 years ago,in the early seventeenth Century, the sencha began to spread. One hundred years later, the Gyokuro appeared.

Whether it is sencha or macha, the nutrition in tea leaves is the same. However,the sencha need to be fried, so the nutrition is lost and can not be consumed by human body.The matcha powder is grinded by tea leaves, then add hot water to mix up.So the nutrition can be fully absorbed.


Welcome to REN to drink a bowl of delicious and healthy macha.