Little request.

Sapporo should be right now, in summer. However, today is still a bit chilly.

because I am not a biggest fan of the heat, so personally this kind of weather is nice and comfortable , but considering the growth of plants and crops, I can’t help thinking like “Mr. sun please show yourself.”


Then, when it comes to summer, for kids it’s nothing more but summer holiday. During this period, people from all over the world are going to different countries to achieve their own travel plans.


Ever since, our “Tea Ceremony Ren” salon is supposed to have a lot of friends from all over the world!

And the appointments should also rocket !

Well, I really hope.


So, if you come and travel in Hokkaido, wondering what you should do in Sapporo? then it is highly recommended to try the tea ceremony which as a combination of Japanese cultural and artistic (^^♪

More and more people will think like that !

Therefore, there is such a small request for everyone. (Now finally got to the point)


Please contact us in advance for an appointment. Sometimes there are cases that the appointments are full and we have to reject the appointment.

Booking from telephone can also work, but sometimes we can’t answer the phone during the experiences.

So if you can make an appointment from the homepages and mails will be really helpful .

Then, in order to be able to provide the services to the next guests, please come here right on time to join the experience.

30 minutes after the reserved time, it will be considered as a cancellation.


To be able to meet people from all over the world is really a enjoyable and happy job.

So please come and join us in such a small lovely tea room.

All of us will be here to look forward to seeing you.