In Hokkaido, spring always comes and goes in March.

The snow would not be completely melted until May.


I’ve been worked in a kimono for one year.


In modern society, people have no habit of wearing kimono, so most Japanese do not know how to wear kimono.


But we still have the kimono which is always put in the closet.

So, when people know that I have more chances to wear a kimono, they will take out their kimono and say, ‘It is yours now.’

I received the kimono from others.

It is a great favour. If I always wear the same clothes, the pictures do not seem to make any difference.

Now the choice is diversified.


The increase of new things is really pleasant.


In the future, we will also add two-pieces kimono to the guests. I hope you can enjoy your choice when you come to the tea room.