It’s going to be really cold soon.

The strongest cold wave this winter is coming to Hokkaido. The weather will be very cold.

Snow as thick as a book is always under, and the wind and snow are mixed, usually with poor visibility.

About 10 cm of snow in Tokyo, traffic will be rampant, but in Hokkaido, unless it is 50 cm thick snow, it can not be the reason for being late.

It is normal for us snow in winter. Therefore, everyone is acting under the same conditions, so it cannot be an excuse for being late.


If the cold becomes more severe, you will want to enjoy the warmth more.

There is a teacup in the world of tea ceremony that is only used during this cold period.

In this coldest period, the tea bowl, which was mainly used in February, was a “cylinder bowl.”

It is smaller and taller than ordinary tea bowls. Because the shape of the bowl is tubular, it is called this name.

Hold the tea bowl like it is surrounded, and enjoy the warmth from the tea bowl and taste the tea.

It is one of the unique tools of winter.

I have loved this tea bowl since I was a child. I will be very happy to see this tea bowl every time I go to practice in this season.

In the process of the tea ceremony, it is different from the way of handling ordinary tea bowls. How do I deal with it? Sitting in front of the tea props while thinking, even if you forget how to proceed to the next step while holding the tea bowl, the body will not forget it.

I finished it slowly! I think in my mind, “Is right, that’s it.” Confirm the accuracy of the steps again.

In the tea ceremony, I will repeat the practice over and over again. Then my body remembered every movement.


This time, our tea ceremony experience (Ren) also use this tea bowl!

Because it is not the same as the usual props, I am not sure whether it is suitable for everyone to use, season-limited props,

Please be sure to come to check if it is different from the usual items