It`s December


Finally, December has come, this month we called it shiwasu. Which means the end of this year is coming.

The illumination in the odori park is on.

It`s very beautiful when you see it from the top of the Sapporo Tower .

And we have a Munich city in 2 chome, which has a really strong atmosphere of Christmas.

The temperature outside is getting down, but at the same time, the temperature inside of the Sapporo is getting warmer.

When we talking about the winter in Sapporo, the ice cream is very popular, and sales even better than in summer..

It’s a wonderful moment when you sit in front of the stove and have a icy ice cream. I also love this kind of moment.


I would make some headwear and accessories in the warm tea room when I am free.

Compare to the beginning, I am getting better to make the accessories. And now I am trying to challenge myself to make some more difficult accessories..

Considering of the season change, I will make some different kind of flowers, such as plum blossom, cherry blossom,ajisai,platycodon grandiflorum, chrysanthemum and etc. And I will also add some rose with it.

Even outside is really cold, the shelf of the souvenir place has lots of flowers, compared to last year, it’s getting more gorgeous.

In order to make customers can have more choice during the shopping, I will try my best to find more time to make more of these flower headwear.


Please get dressed in the kimono, tie up your hair with beautiful accessories and then come to join us with the Tea Ceremony, isn`t it nice?

You can also use it when you wear casual clothes, so please come and take a look.