It is about the end of the summer

Some places in Honshu over 40 °C. I can’t imagine temperature like that.
In Sapporo there are several days more than 30 °C before, and then calmly dropped back to the temperature that usually in summer Hokkaido. I think it’s very comfortable.
No matter how hot it is, in Hokkaido, once the Bon Festival arrive, so the “autumn”. It’s time to listen to the night chorus of the autumn worms.
Summer in Hokkaido is only a few days left.
The Beer Garden Festival in Odori Park is is a great success, but it soon will become a dance venue of Bon Festival.
Summer ends early.

That is the summer vacation now.
Many people are traveling during the holidays. People who come to Sapporo to enjoy the summer in Hokkaido now should be happy. If you have some time, you can drop by our tea room which near the Nijo market to experience the tea ceremony.
So here is a request.
Our tea room is based on appointment system. So if you come here directly, we may not be able to accept it.
Please feel free to contact us by phone or email in advance.
We always have employees who can respond in English and Chinese here.

The chance to enjoy the iced matcha in the tea room is only August left.
Please come and try the summer-only iced matcha.
We are waiting for your appointment here.