Hokkaido Go Go Go!

The fruits of rose are gradually ripening red.

It’s Autumn!

In Hokkaido’s autumn red leaves will be a breathtaking landscape.

From now on the mountains in green during summer will become colorful, this is a season that you can probably enjoy nature which shows a completely different scene even with the same landscape.


At Sapporo Odori Park, Autumn Festival has started, although it was delayed for a week due to the earthquake before. Unprecedentedly, people gather to enjoy the harvest of this year, delicious local gourmet, craft beer and Hokkaido wine, as well as a variety of sweets, this year’s harvest, local gourmet, craft beer and wine from Hokkaido. And the sweets.


Because of the unique feelings of the Japanese who are not easily able to recover their original life after the disaster, the enjoyment of self-satisfaction will be embarrassing, and as a result, there will be a tendency to control various festival activities as much as possible.


However, now Hokkaido is in the season of beautiful red leaves and delicious food.

Do not miss such a season!

Despite the impact of natural disasters, if you can look forward with positive mind and enjoy life with everyone, the economic effects will do good to the people who made a loss, and the disaster area can be revived as soon as possible.


Come on, everyone! Let’s get a ticket for Hokkaido first and fully enjoy Hokkaido in autumn!

Then come to us to experience the Japanese traditional culture with the tea ceremony!