Hibi Kore Koujitsu (Everyday is a good day) part. 3

This movie, the novel, is showing gently the world of the tea ceremony to the one who has never seen this world before.

The movie depicts 20 years since the hero began to learn the tea ceremony.

Since she was young but an adult already, thinks the reasons first. The attitude of hero is the same with the others who don`t have experience of learning the tea ceremony.


As to me, I started to learn the tea ceremony since I was a little, I can`t understand the feeling of being not good at.

There was no reason there in the tea ceremony, I just said `Yes` and did as teachers said.

That is the difference between children and adults.

There is a lot of `WHY` `and `HOW IT COULD BE“in the world of the tea ceremony.

However,we should start with the looks, and after that, we can gradually understand the reasons; `WHY` `and `HOW IT COULD BE`, and find the meanings of them. After that, your heart will be followed to the behavior.



Figuratively speaking, you will not care about the reason for the answer of 1+1=2.

You just memorized the answer. Let`s leave the reasons to the experts of mathematics.

Since we use and feel the all of five senses in the tea ceremony, you don`t need to think and understand the reasons.


We go along the small street in a garden leading to the tea room with looking leaves and flowers of the season. We wash our hands with listening to the sounds of water running down from a stone basin.

After entering the tea room, we look at the rolling scroll hung in keeping with the season, enjoy the beauty of the flowers under the scroll, fell the smell of charcoals, listen to the sound of boiling water in the kettle.

We listen to the sound of silence, watching the procedures of the tea ceremony, and drink a cup of green tea…


Although I usually practice it, I still have not understood all even though having a long experience of the tea ceremony.

The reason for me keep learning tea ceremony is that the sweets are beautiful and good taste, and the green tea is also so good! Moreover to say, I love the feeling of each seasons and atmosphere. It makes my feelings more sharp and better, and better for me to release your stress.


It will be my great pleasure if you could experience the feelings at our tea room.

Why don`t you come and enjoy with us?