Fall of appetite?!

The color of leaves is gradually changing in Hokkaido. Autumn is coming soon.

“The Appetite of Autumn”is about to begin too…

There are many delicious food in this colorful and natural abundant Hokkaido.

It is the same in tea ceremony world.The tea must be accompanied.For example,wagashi.

Hokkaido is the treasure trove of raw material for dessert production.

Sapporo is names as The kingdom of Dessert. All kinds of cakes,sweets and wagashi.

The material of wagashi are red bean and sugar. They are made into stuffing as materials.Although the taste doesn’t differ that much,the design is sophisticated. When you see the desserts which are characterized as the seasonal flowers,you will have a feeling of the season.

In “Ren”,we have prepared many elaborately designed wagashi for you. The designs and patterns differ based on different seasons,which is one of the interests.

We devote much effort even in subtle details like this. How about experiencing tea ceremony?