Everyday is a good day

The autumn of this year in Sapporo is really warm.The red leaves are coming to the end,the leaves on the trees is dying away,and the leaves is flying above the sky,after that,it will sit still on the floor.


Now,there is a movie called `Everyday is a good day`coming out in Japan,it is talking about the Tea Ceremony`s world.

I might not go to watch the movie because it is too far for me to go to cinema on foot.Instead I bought the book.

When I start to read this book,I am sure it is written by a beginner of the Tea Ceremony.(thought I haven`t finished it yet)

Whether the books or movies,it is still a good thing to show the Tea Ceremony`s world to the public,It would increase the amount of the beginner in Tea Ceremony,which I looking forward to it.

But it means you would doing the same thing again and again,even year after year,which you would improve the skills day by day and little by little.

And this is what we called 「Enhancement」in Tea Ceremony, it is quite incredible thing,but even you do the same thing every single days,does not means you would not make any mistakes.

But,when you grow older,you would get better at cheating yourselves,even you have made a mistake,you would still keep telling yourself that 「I did`t do any mistakes~」,these situations usually happen.

But this book they haven`t talking about these issues.


Everyday,these are the things would happen to tea person.I would read this book more seriously.