Everyday is a good day chapter 2


Recently rainy day is getting more often,it will have a really fresh air when it is a sunny day,this kind of season will make me want to go out more for a walk.

I like this season best,it is not hot,and it is warm when you wear one cloth,and then enjoy a cup of tea.

It is a really delightful thing when enjoy a cup of tea and admire the spring flowers,but when you stepping on the autumn leaves and enjoy a view and a cup of tea, it is also a lovely thing to do.


I keep reading the book,

The title of the book is Everyday is a good day ,we also often say it in the Tea Ceremony .

And it is usually show up in the Zen Quotes and the hanging scroll in the tea room.


The meaning of the title is really easy to understand,when you write the `Everyday is a good day `everyday ,and then everyday is a good day .some people might think through this way ,but actually it is not true.

No matter how the day it is ,you should try you best to live every single day.No matter the day you gain or you lost,you should take it all,and then keep moving on. It will be a good day for you no matter what happen.

Even though I understand all of this ,but I still can not do it really good everyday .


When you gain something or lost something during your lifetime,even the whether is getting worse, you should calm yourself down.

This is what we called 〇 for in the Tea Ceremony world.

When you sit in the tea room,listening the sound of the tea kettle, relax yourself and then you will calm down and stretch your body and have a really good mood.


It is also an effective way in the Tea Ceremony world when you change your mood.