Electric power saving while operating

Four days after the earthquake on 6th, brand new week has begun. Many people start working again today.

Most of the videos on the news now are reported about the first image after the disaster, which is quite different from current situation.

Sapporo has returned to its usual standard of living except for some areas.


However, the earthquake was followed by power outages throughout Hokkaido. In my house for almost two days, there was no electricity.

Now electricity is back, so does the normal daily life, but what we have to do now is that we must save electricity so that we can send electricity to the areas where is still in a complete blackout.


So in tea room, we also turn off most of the lights when we have no guest, even though we are saving power we are doing well.


There is no problem with the charging of mobile phones for tourists who are currently traveling in Hokkaido, but there is still a free charging service in our tea room.


We have staff who can speak in English and Chinese, so we can also tell you the necessary information.

If you are in trouble, please come find our tea room.