At the late summer,

Summer in Hokkaido is short.In Sapporo,it becomes much cooler in the morning and evening.

I am not good at hotness,so I like the season which is changing from summer to autumn. Anyway,the two staff who are working with me both come from a hot area.When I feel comfortable,they put on their jackets on the contrary.

“Are you cold?”every time I ask,“No,I am fine,”they answer. Anyway,I always consider that they are very cold…

In order to better host our customers,we have young and superior staff who can speak English,Chinese and Japanese. From February this year,the staff who went through the busiest period with me have graduated from “Ren”officially.

Eric,Fiona,thank you so much.I hope you have a prosperous future.

From September,there will be a new staff starts working with me.

Let’s work hard together in the next half year!

To better serve you,I will set off with my new staff and continue working!