A blog of “Tea ceremony experience REN” has started!!

The blog of “Tea Ceremony Ren” starts today.

Hello,everyone,nice to meet you.I am Yuko,now working as a tea instructor for “Ren”.

“Ren”was set up on February this year and it has been half a year until now.

From February,I have been starting wearing kimono everyday.Although I wore kimono several times in a year in the past,it is my first time to wear kimono everyday.

It will be my pleasure if the customers are satisfied with kimono reception.

I wear yukata on July and August.But when September comes,regardless of the heat,I have to take off the yukata and put on the kimono again.

The types of kimono differ between the seasons.The patterns of kimono also differs based on different situations.There are many rules when wearing a kimono,if you can not enjoy,it is a loss.

In the tea ceremony world,all subtle rules should also be paid attention to.Highlight the sense of the season is the key in hosting our guests. Let’s put on our kimono together!

I will be waiting for you sincerely in “Ren”.